Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Miranda and Her Dumb Bag

Its no secret that I hate Miranda from Sex and the City. She's like this made-up character of every woman I could never stand in life. The hair, the clothes, the attitude, her weird mouth, everything about her - I hate it. Hate hate hate.

Now, I own most season of Sex and the City, excepting Season 3, which I've only seen once. Today I've been catching up on old S3 episodes and I realized something very serious.

In S2, Miranda has the worst fashion sense out of any season. There's one episode specifically where she goes to the zoo with some idiot guy and his kid (who she later smacks in the face with the bathroom door). She's wearing this horrible bamboo print piece of shit halter top/long skirt combo that reminds me of that time Maria made the kid's clothing out of the curtains in "The Sound of Music". Totally fucking awful. Anyway, she's carrying this bag that is made out of bamboo and has plastic (yes, plastic) lining. Because having a purse you can actually see through is so handy and all.

Fast forward to today and lo and behold! Here is that fucking ugly bag again...back to haunt me. Why was this bitch even on the show? To give me something to make fun of? Ugh - they should have killed her off in season 2.

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