Monday, 27 July 2009

Twitter is for Twits...and Twats.

I don't even understand Twitter and I already hate it so much I could cry. When I asked a friend recently what the hell it is, they said it basically gives everyone a fast way to explain what they are doing right now. My reaction to this is, who the hell cares?

I certainly don't give a shit what Lance Armstrong is doing right now. Or any other celeb for that matter. In addition to this, I don't give a shit what anyone is doing right now, unless I specifically ask. And I certainly don't care if anyone knows what I'm doing every waking moment of the day.

But one thing I do want to know is why this thing has such a following. People really seem to get a kick out of "tweeting". (Yeah, seriously. Thats what they call it. Can you fucking believe THAT?) I'll admit, I have a facebook account. For all of you who don't know, facebook has a status update option for everyone, so in a way, I guess that is sort of like tweeting. To me, Twitter just seems like a roided up, obnoxious version of the facebook status update. A land of nothing but status updates, all kept under a certain character limit of I think 150.

I think its pretty cuntish to assume that all of the people who "follow" you on Twitter give a damn what you're doing. Do you tweet about taking a dump from your Blackberry while sitting on the toilet? Exactly how far does this tweeting go?

I already have major beef with assholes who over-use their cell phones in public and I think tweeting definitely falls into this category. Pretty soon we are going to start seeing headlines in the news that read, "Tweeting Woman in Traffic is Direct Cause of Deadly Car Crash".

I'm gonna go ahead and say without holding back that I think Twitter is for people who need attention. Save your status updates for Facebook. Or just wait until someone asks you what you're doing. Assuming everyone cares is just a big fat joke in itself. Now I know I have some friends out there who have Twitter accounts and might think I'm being a bit harsh by saying these things, but hey - you know me. When have I ever been known to hold back? No hard feelings, just keep your tweeting far away from me.

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  1. Hey biatch, *I* happen to like Twitter. I was on it before anyone gave a shit. And yes, I *do* Tweet from my 'berry while I'm taking a dump. So there. :p