Wednesday, 21 January 2009

$ Pt. 2

On Monday, I got on the horn and called my bank. Wells Fargo has the most friendly customer service of any bank I've ever used, and believe me, I've had a few accounts in my day. I explained that I had not authorized this charge and the woman on the other end was very helpful with helping me fill out a claim over the phone. She then removed the charge and the overdraft fee, which shocked me that it was so easy, but hey - I'm not complaining. I hung up feeling good, but still ready to chew the ass off of whoever I could get on the phone at

When I checked the online forums regarding this scam site, one of the things mentioned by advice-givers was that you need to call between certain hours, and since I'm in another time zone, I patiently waited until it was time to call in and rain down fury.

The woman who answered sounded like a redneck. I swear to you, she was probably answering the phone from the living room of her trailor house. I told her I wanted to cancel whatever was charging my credit card and she said, "Well, ma'am, when you did yer credit report on our website, was everything accurate?". I said, "What? What do you mean? Are you referring to the information I gave you or the information you gave me regarding my credit?"

"Well, ..........................................everything. All the infermaashun. Wuz it accurate?"

At this point, I'm so confused. I tell her I don't know what information she's talking about, but everything I entered into the site was correct and everything I got regarding my credit could have been Joe Blow's credit info for all I know, because I haven't ever given enough of a damn to check it before. Then, she explains to me that she can cancel my membership, but that she should warn me first that there is an alert on my credit and she can't tell me what that alert is, but that I shouldn't cancel because they could help me find out whats going on. So I explain to her that I don't care. I am mad that they charged me without asking. I want whatever the membership is to be cancelled and I want a refund.

Well, then she explains that no refund can be given because "it saaaays two times on the website in regular size print that if you don't cancel yer membership in seven days, they will bill you for monthly credit monitoring".

This is a battle I did not technically win. I cancelled the membership and am thankful that my bank was cool enough to refund it. But I don't think they should have to. I think should adminster the refund....and then I think they should all go to hell.

Moral of the story is: don't check your credit report. Its a true pain in the ass.

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  1. I'm personally a fan of no credit at all. A pint of Bankruptcy for everyone!